Uncrafted en Il.lacions

diciembre 21, 2021


OPENING 21/12/21

UNCRAFTED presents three projects of Joan Vellve’s work that come together to showcase the process as a personal game of learning and exploration. He bases his practice on the locality of the surroundings, the workshop, the tools, the materials, and the individual process of learning-by-doing. UNCRAFTED, as opposed to outcome-oriented design, is instead composed of artifacts which allow space for an imagined craftsmanship, an aesthetics, and an artistic approach; outcomes as by-products of processes of walking, learning, working, and playing with materials. In these three projects, the separation between the crafted and the uncrafted, the standard and the ready-made, the unfinished and the final product is significant.

Hoy martes a partir de las 18h en La Rambla 130, principal de Barcelona


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